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Student Feedback

Anh Bùi Nhật Huy
Thiết kế, marketing

I was invited by a friend to join Nhi’s Balance Circle Workshop for Body – Mind – Spirit – Intuition. Fortunately, it happened at the right time as I was seeking to strengthen myself internally. The workshop was very insightful, especially regarding emotions. While I often hear about emotions from external sources, it was only in the class that I truly understood them deeply.

After the session on perception, I was able to derive solutions tailored to myself. I learned how to better understand others, such as friends or colleagues. Nhi’s examples in class were very practical, and the stories shared were engaging.

As a suggestion for improvement, I think there are two things. Firstly, everyone should turn on their cameras during class to enhance the sharing atmosphere. It also shows respect for our mentor. Secondly, Nhi could consider adding more images to the slides to make them more captivating.

Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Liên
Giáo viên

For me, this is a very good and practical course, providing valuable insights. There are three things I like the most. Firstly, the way Nhi delivers knowledge is honest and clear. It’s up to us whether we choose to follow it or not. Nhi doesn’t have the attitude of ‘I am the only one right, follow me, and you’ll be healed, you’ll solve all your problems,’ which I encountered in other places. I even became averse to the term ‘healing’ because in other classes, I felt teachers were just lecturing what they thought without caring about who the audience was or practicing what they preached.

Secondly, I appreciate that the teacher is not overly gentle, doesn’t excessively praise students, and is very straightforward. She tells it like it is.

The third thing is after Nhi finishes teaching, she always says, ‘Is there anything unclear, any help needed? If you don’t understand, ask right away. If you have questions while doing homework at home, ask immediately.’ Nhi doesn’t wait until the end of the course for questions. Waiting until the end, you won’t remember what was at the beginning of the course to ask. It allows me to understand as I learn.

I think this is a course that everyone should participate in. It’s only four weeks, not very long, but very worthwhile.

Chị Phan Quỳnh Như

I perceive coaching as essentially having conversations with a professional without judgment. It becomes crucial when I find it challenging to confide in or trust anyone to share my thoughts. I’ve gone through and spent a lot of money on various therapists, but none felt suitable, no connection was established. Until the first day I met Nhi, I knew she was the person I had been searching for.

I appreciate several aspects of Nhi. Firstly, there is no judgment; Nhi listens and, most importantly, understands why I am the way I am. Others don’t comprehend me like that. Secondly, Nhi doesn’t offer mere consolation; she doesn’t speak empty words. Instead, she helps me analyze, understand myself better to find solutions. Thirdly, I feel empathy and trust.

Chị Trần Ngân
CEO, Saigon Dance

Today is a sunny day, with the beautiful golden autumn mirroring my current mood and health. Achieving a day filled with happiness like this is a journey through storms I’ve endured. Nearly a decade submerged in illness, I couldn’t have the ‘dramatic revival’ as promised by two coaches, two dearest friends.

The first person I’m most grateful to is Viet Nhi, my younger sister. Nhi is a health, psychological, nutritional, and yoga consultant—a comprehensive advisor on health issues. But, my interaction with her isn’t as a client; we’re friends. And I’ve bothered her quite a lot. In times of confusion and despair when no one provides solace, I turn to her. Our relationship is one-way; I receive without giving because I have nothing but fragile health and a tangled mind. A simple text from me, ‘I’m feeling down,’ results in an immediate response, ‘Do you want me to call you?’ She’s always there, patient, focused, understanding, and non-judgmental. I know she has many clients with psychological issues, and over our four-year close friendship, I’ve never seen her disclose clients’ stories or exhibit any negative judgment. There are times when I become irritable, difficult, causing relationship strains, but Nhi remains unfazed. I feel safe with her, opening up about things happening in my mind that no one else knows.

She was the first to say I ‘lack confidence.’ Hearing that made me laugh. If I lack confidence, who has it? Yet, she was right. It was just the first step for her to see through my mind. Meeting me during a time when I faced a combination of physical and mental issues—body contracting in pain due to autonomic nervous system disorder, impaired cognitive function, mental fog, and irritability—she pinpointed my chaotic state and guided me in handling it. She introduced me to specialists for each problem. Through her, I learned about concepts like past life regression, ho’oponopono, EFT Tapping, hypnosis, motor function anatomy, and more. She led me to Thao, who treated my physical dysfunction. Then, she pushed me to attend Vipassana meditation to cleanse resentment, heal, and enhance mental focus. After returning and a few therapy sessions, I regained a bit of sunshine within, felt fresher, lighter. However, family conflicts surfaced, cultural clashes, and mental turmoil plunged me back into a negative abyss. Returning to work, I still hadn’t resolved lingering issues. She advised me to learn emotional management. Following her guidance, everything started to clarify. I progressed better and triumphed more in my work. However, a lingering fear I couldn’t overcome emerged, and again, she told me I needed to fight that fear. And I found a way to succeed.

Our journey together has been quite lengthy, and this post’s framework can’t cover it all. Passionate about health issues, she constantly learns and updates herself with courses, accumulating vast knowledge. She’s like a general practitioner, always seeing the overall causes, developments, and treatment directions for my illness. She knows every therapy, every problem I’ve been through. Therefore, I admire and silently thank her for entering my life. Her tremendous effort has been instrumental in bringing me back to a normal life.

Chị Kelly Nguyễn

I write from my perception when I am enveloped with you and guided by you to independently unravel the inner entanglements like a companion and presence.

I clearly perceive your presence and companionship. It’s rare for me to encounter someone who can listen with an open heart like you. Thank you very much.

Anh Tôn Anh Duy
Nhà trị liệu chuông xoay

I like the class because it is very logical, very scientific, without any religious bias or psychological manipulation.

I especially like the explanation of the levels of emotions, especially the emotions of anger, trust, and fanaticism. It’s like descending a staircase, helping people understand emotions more clearly. The examples that Nhi provides are very practical, relatable, and easy to understand.

Jessica Thư

Love my mentor very much. Every class is good, never boring. The three things I like most about Sister Nhi are that she listens very well, always encourages, and is straightforward.

feeback soul plan

Chị Nguyễn Như Phượng
Edu Agency, Digital marketing

Soul Plan gives Phuong a comprehensive view of her life goals. Usually, when we explore the deep aspects within ourselves, it’s easy to overlook or not fully understand, and there may not be suitable methods. But with Soul Plan, Phuong explores all aspects of her talents, the ‘challenges’ in her life, and the purposes she needs to achieve to complete and develop balance internally and externally.

In addition, Sister Nhi is very patient in helping Phuong understand these aspects in a very detailed way! In general, I really like Sister Nhi’s coaching style: sincere, open, and full of energy, giving me a sense of peace after each session.

Bich Thuy

Chị Nguyễn Bích Thủy

From someone who was very stuck and never thought that one day depression would visit, let alone stay with me. Fortunately, the universe also sent a message down for me to meet Sister Nhi through a super cute customer referral. What I really appreciate and put all my trust in Sister Nhi is that when I said I was depressed, she not only didn’t abandon me but also accompanied me throughout the time when I thought there could be no words.

Currently, I can feel emotions and adjust my actions. Thank you, Sister, I wish you good health to spread more love and energy to others who are in situations like me. Love you, Sister Nhi, and the lovely customer who referred me.

Chị Đỗ Phương Thủy
Kế toán

Thank you, Coach Viet Nhi, very much for the wealth of valuable information that you have provided. It has been very helpful for me.

feeback soul plan

Chị Nguyễn Thị Minh Thư

Soul Plan helps me reaffirm my strengths. I used to be vague about myself. Thanks to Soul Plan, I trust myself more. It’s true that I have the energy of a mother. I used to blame myself for being too accommodating. Now, understanding it, I let go of it more gently. Because I’ve experienced many methods. So, whichever one resonates the most, that’s where I break through. Breaking through to accept myself as I am.

feeback soul plan

Lê Kim Thùy Linh
Edu Agency, Digital marketing

Before, I was convinced that I was a person with higher EQ than IQ. But no! When listening to the analysis of Coach Viet Nhi, I understand that I am a person with ‘strong spiritual, EQ not as strong as IQ, higher IQ than EQ, and approaching spirituality through IQ.’ And this is just one of the things I learned about myself.
But this is the most impressive thing when getting to know more about myself through the 1:1 consultation with Coach Nhi.
Every passing minute, I learned more about my challenges, talents, and goals. Or more precisely, I learned more about the ‘Soul Plan.’ This method shows us how our souls are designed for the life we will experience and go through. Life is not random and meaningless, showing the vastness of complex designs and the connection of everything in the universe that is still not fully understood and remains to be explored.
The 1:1 consultation is likened to a truly heartfelt, attentive, and soft-sharing experience! It’s an experience you should have if you have questions like ‘Who am I?’ or ‘What is the essence of my existence?’ Then you really should have a 1:1 consultation with Coach Viet Nhi to

  1. Explore your strengths and weaknesses (career, creative talents, finances, and spiritual abilities);
  2. Clearly see your biggest challenges and how to overcome them;
  3. Receive energy activation and useful tools for healing and realigning your purpose; and finally
  4. Live more in line with the higher purpose of your soul.

Chị Vinh Nguyễn
GĐ Cty Ô tô Thiên Hải

I’m the type of person who likes to take care of myself from the inside, but I usually just read and search on Google. Yesterday, attending the class with Coach Viet Nhi, I learned how to CLEAN, how to DETOX for my body, and understood why I eat so little but still gain weight. I have an appointment to attend more classes. Thank you, Coach Viet Nhi!

Chị Nguyễn Lộc Như
HR, Life coach

Today, I participated in Coach Viet Nhi’s body detox class and found it very enjoyable. I learned a lot of new and useful health knowledge beyond my expectations. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Chị Mai Ngọc Hà
PT, Marketing

Today, I participated in Coach Viet Nhi’s body detox class and found it very enjoyable. I learned a lot of new and useful health knowledge beyond my expectations. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Chị Lê Kim Loan
Chủ doanh nghiệp

The tuning fork is amazing. Just one strike and I feel calm, my heartbeat is more comfortable, and I can breathe easier. I feel my whole body vibrating as if there are waves spreading throughout my body. On the way home, suddenly I came up with a solution to my previous problem. Thank you, Coach Viet Nhi, for introducing me to this method.

Anh Nghiệp Huỳnh
Du học sinh - Hoa Kỳ

While striking the tuning fork, I only felt vibrations inside me and it was very comfortable. But after standing up, I felt the muscle pain in my back reduced by more than 80%. I could bend down without any issues. It’s truly miraculous!

Anh Đỗ Hoàng Hảo

Thank you so much, Việt Nhi. Before, I only detoxed based on information from Google. Now, with Việt Nhi’s sharing, I’ve realized many things that I hadn’t understood thoroughly before. Wishing Việt Nhi good health and the spread of her healthy spirit to everyone. Never before have I had a session about the digestive system so detailed and thorough as yesterday. Now, I’m starting to listen to and love my body more, hahaha.

Chị Trần Thị Thanh Thảo

I can clearly sense that Việt Nhi has very extensive and profound knowledge, especially in the deep exploration and observation of the body throughout the detoxification process. I am impressed by the water-fasting detoxification method that she shared, it’s very clear and detailed. She always encourages practitioners to persevere, but also understands if someone gives up – that’s understandable. The technique of chewing water to make us not feel hungry during fasting is also interesting. Việt Nhi’s sharing makes me feel reassured and not stressed if I apply water-fasting. Instead, it becomes an opportunity to understand myself better.

Thanks for the very interesting and dedicated sharing from Việt Nhi, easy to understand and apply.

"Discover the teacher within you, every great answer comes from there."

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