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Finding the cause of persistent “debts” or unanswered obsessions will help you open the flow of energy, more peacefully and easily, because you have released the hidden burdens in your heart.

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Have phobias or fears with no known cause (money phobia, fear of death, fear of dirt, fear of sex, fear of animals, etc.)

Feeling indebted to someone you can't get rid of, even though you are suffering or being taken advantage of

Möchten Sie die Mission finden, die Sie mitgebracht haben, als Sie in diesem Leben geboren wurden?

There are big questions about life like, "Should I become a monk?", "Should I give up everything and go to another country because I feel strangely connected to this place?"

Have unusual dreams

Missing loved ones who have passed away

There are congenital diseases

Have persistent, long-lasting pain for no apparent reason


Regression case performed


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Past life regression is a method that uses hypnosis to guide the client to change the energy levels in the body to match the information on the spiritual level. From there, the client will go back from the fetal stage to the past and past lives to find out the causes and events that have imprinted themselves in the soul and brought them to this life.

In fact, Zen masters or those who have been practicing for a long time can see many or some of their past lives with their own eyes. However, people who live busy, tired, low-energy modern lives cannot see for themselves, but need a guide and also enough “charmers” to see the life they want to find.

You want to do a regression to the past, but you are still afraid and have many questions that are not clarified?
Please read this page in peace and share your question in the form so that Nhi can answer you in more detail, okay? .



  • People with weak health, in a state of exhaustion, very low energy, especially short and weak breathing and unable to relax
  • People who are just curious “what is past life regression” or “I want to know who my past lives were just for fun because I am curious”. If you don’t want to continue, you won’t see anything.
  • People who refuse to communicate with their subconscious mind due to overwhelming pain consciously try to hide true thoughts and feelings in the subconscious mind. If you still want to regress at this point, you will need to go through some sessions with Nhi using other methods to prepare for past life regression.
  • Those who do not accept spirituality, do not believe in souls, completely believe in “scientific” logic

Regression Guide

Health coach Việt Nhi

Health coach Viet Nhi is one of the most experienced health coaches leading in holistic health restoration, combining many different therapies to help you connect with your available peaceful self and uncover the inner wisdom teacher. and design a happy life according to your wishes.

Past life regression should not be followed by tutorials available on YouTube, as there are many situations where only an experienced teacher can help you get through properly. In particular, Nhi will be able to identify the image in the occurring regression and the self-discovered image – which is a very important factor for successful effectiveness.

In addition, Nhi can also guide you in the direction of applying the results of the regression to your real life so that your healing can be most effective and you can become brighter and happier.

"Discover the teacher within you,
all great answers come from there".

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