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Unlock optimal well-being with Coach Nhi! When you’re not feeling your best, there’s a missing piece. Skip the guesswork and achieve faster, targeted results with the guidance of Coach Nhi. Your journey to wellness starts here.

From 1 to 12 session

(from 60-75 min/session)



Flexible form

(in person or online)


Feeling good but not happy, good but not successful

Anxiety disorders, emotional disorders, depression, psychological trauma.

Do you want to understand yourself?

Wanting to eliminate the unknown, the inner entanglements, to find the direction for the beautiful life to come

Hard to sleep, can not sleep

Confusion, disorientation, lack of self-confidence or overthinking.

You want to find a solution to bring life in balance

Separation, divorce, loss

100% refund

"If you are not satisfied, Coach will refund 100% of the fee".


of the clients could be successfully helped

coach 1-1


To evolve into a better version of yourself, it takes not only your desire and commitment but also a coach who can guide you through various perspectives. This encompasses aspects such as health, nutrition, exercise, sleep, emotional well-being, shifting perspectives, and understanding the future direction you aim to move towards, among others.

Transform your world through inner development. While your environment, culture, and past shape you, an inner source within guides you towards light and happiness. You are the architect of your life. Open your heart, and with Health Coach Nhi by your side, she will listen and gently explore your potential and inner strength with you. Together, let’s embark on a journey to a healthier, happier you.

"Can one conversation change your life?" The doors you open can be the ones that take you to a better place. Feel free to start that first conversation.


Combination of psychology - spirituality - health

  • Healing of the inner child (based on psychoanalysis)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This is a very popular and effective method of psychotherapy in the world to help you evaluate and find hidden, deviant and unstable perceptions and views that have made you stuck and tired.
  • Soul plan: helps to identify the source of inner conflicts, the tendency to communicate with society, as well as to find out the life task.
  • Hoop’ponopono, EFT Tapping, EMDR and mindful breathing exercises. These are supportive therapies that help you manage your emotions, relieve pain, and build a better connection between mind and body.


with health coach Viet Nhi

Step 1: Talk about your initial goals and problems by phone or online meeting (free of charge).

Step 2: Schedule a meeting and begin coaching.

Step 3: You will practice at home and constantly update with Nhi about your new thoughts and feelings.

Step 4: Complete and pay fee.

“I was very surprised, didn’t expect Soul Plan to be so accurate. I am a person who always listens and learns about myself, other people do not understand me, but Soul Plan can describe me as if from the heart. Nhi’s analysis is very good, appeared at the right time, helped me to consolidate what I understand about myself. Now I am more confident in what I want to do.

I think that anyone who wants to learn about themselves should meet Nhi. Because no matter how good the method is, if you don’t meet good people, the effectiveness is greatly reduced.”

Tran Nguyen Bao Quyen (35 years)

Consultant fee

* Touch Your Inner Corner Basic Package: There are 3 fee levels
- There are 3 fees: Level (1) is 1,500,000 - Level (2) is 3,000,000 - Level (3) is 4,500,000
- Customers choose the fee according to their financial possibilities. The quality of the advice remains the same, regardless of the fee you choose.
- Basic duration: from 1 session - 3 sessions depending on the "complexity" of your problem.

* Enhanced Touch Your Inner Corner Pack:
- Fee 3,500,000/month 5 sessions
- This is the pack Nhi uses to teach you the correct methods to untangle each knot one by one. In addition to listening to you, Nhi guides you to master appropriate psychotherapy that you can practice on your own and build your own recovery skills.
- Format: Online or offline

Students please transfer the fee according to the following information:
Tran Khoa Viet Nhi
- Military bank MB Bank STK 0919 789 717
- ACB Bank STK 024 3027
- Vietcombank STK 0071 0051 54496
After paying the tuition fee, please take a screenshot and email it to to complete the registration process.

“I have “collected” the problems I face in a system, very clear. The feeling after the analysis is both fun and stress, because the road to change is also arduous. But at least I also know what I have to change is the key.

I am very satisfied and feel very lucky to have met Ms. Nhi. This is not the first time I work with her, but every time I come back I see that Nhi has changed. The methods Nhi uses are truly “unique and strange. Highly recommended!”

Le Kim Loan (30 years old)


Constantly tired, both physically and mentally

Always worried, insecure even about small things

Lack of self-confidence

Facing difficulties in love and friendship

Act, reconsider, extreme

Easily lose control over emotions

Overweight, chronic diseases

Feeling lonely, not trusting others

“I think this method is very good for people who lose direction in life because they don’t know if the path they are on is right, whether it is at work or other things in life. Either for those of you who have many challenges and conflicts in psychology.

I think I understand myself very much. But there are some points that I am not sure about or that I cannot name. After coaching, I see much more clearly. When I work with Nhi, I feel close, comfortable, understood, and feel the right energy.”

Ms. Nguyen Hoang Thai Tram

feeback soul plan

Lê Kim Thùy Linh
Edu Agency, Digital marketing

Until now, I always thought I was a person with higher EQ than IQ. But not! When I listened to Viet Nhi’s analysis, I realized that I am a person who is “strongly spiritual, EQ is not so strong, but IQ, IQ is higher than EQ and spiritual approach equals IQ”. And that’s just one of the things I heard about myself.
But that’s what struck me the most as I learned more about myself through a 1:1 consultation with Nhi.
Every minute that passes, I learn more about my challenges – talents – goals. Or rather, to better understand the “soul plan”. This method shows us how our souls are designed for the life we will experience and meet in life. Life is not random and meaningless, which shows that the vastness of the intricate designs and interconnectedness of things in the universe is still not fully understood and has yet to be discovered.
The 1:1 consultation is akin to a sharing session that is so heartwarming, so listening and so gentle! This is a must if you have questions like “Who am I?” or “What is the essence of my existence?” then you really should have a 1:1 consultation with Viet Nhi

    (1) Discover your strengths and weaknesses (career, creative talent, financial and spiritual skills);
    (2) Clearly see your biggest challenges and how to overcome them;
    (3) Receive energy activation and helpful tools to heal and realign your purpose, and ultimately.
    (4) Live more in alignment with your soul’s higher purpose.