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Become friend with your inner self

These are the courses that Nhi accompanies with you to enrich your inner being, heal, relieve stress and evolve.

Healing Path

The methods help you to identify “blind spots” in perception, to understand the causes of injuries, to accept emotions and to heal and transform yourself. The course series is designed like a film reel that leads from the past to the present and develops into the future.


Level 1
child inside

Is the part of the soul that unconsciously stores the memories and emotions of childhood and adolescence, easily hurt by parents and environment. This unconscious controls your perception without you even realizing it.

If you are doing your best but still standing, doing well but still unhappy and struggling in relationships, then you should go back to healing that poor child.


Level 2

Unconsciously, you impose or label rules and principles on yourself and others. When you feel fatigue, anxiety, persistent fear, and disconnection between yourself and others, discover the underlying principles that keep you from being as happy and successful as you want to be.

When you find and improve the extreme and negative views that are hidden deep in the subconscious, your present and future life becomes much more open, frank and simple.


Level 3

Results often come after certain actions. The lack of self-awareness often prevents us from seeing the core actions that need to be prioritized in order to achieve a goal in life, or even achieve a goal without you even realizing it.

When you clear your head, get clear, and use the right method, you will find a way to understand yourself, understand people calling for help, and cooperate to help you achieve your good goals.


Level 4

Did you know that it is the unconscious goals that really guide your decision making, not the conscious goals? When your goals unconsciously contradict your mission, your actions become unclear, contradictory, and lead you astray.

Let us redraw your portrait from the inside out, with a clear direction for the future, so that you can live a more balanced, fulfilling and fulfilling life.

Do you still have doubts?

If you have any further questions that need clarification, please contact us immediately!

  • For best results, you should take courses 1 through 4 in order.
  • However, to take the Level 2 course, you do not necessarily need to take the Level 1 course.
  • You must complete both Levels 1 – 2 or at least one of them to join Level 3.
  • To join the Level 4 course, you must complete 2 of the 3 Level 1-2-3 courses.
  • For the best healing and growth results, you must courageously face your story instead of hiding from it.
  • In addition, when you participate in the program, your ability to empathize and open your heart will be greatly enhanced through the stories of fellow students. Understand that no one is perfect, no one is without problems.
  • Content safety is also one of the important provisions of the program.
  • The program will not be videotaped or recorded to ensure confidentiality of student information.
  • You must have the camera on for the duration of the class.
  • You must show up on time and prepare a pen to take notes.
  • You must do your homework thoroughly and seriously to really achieve the desired healing results.

Understand yourself to Happiness and success

Nhi did it, and you can do it too!

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