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Explore wellness with Health Coach Viet Nhi, an expert in holistic health. Blend modern science with cultural wisdom, psychology, and spirituality for a transformative well-being journey. Redefine your health path with Viet Nhi's expertise. Start your holistic wellness journey now.

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Nhi who else?

Inspirational speaker for healthy living

With the belief that “everyone has the ability to live a healthy and peaceful life,” Health Coach & Master Therapy Yoga Viet Nhi wants to inspire many people and share methods to change eating habits, live actively, and nourish spiritually.


Satisfied students

After participating in health coaching sessions with Nhi.


Health topic

Related to yoga, balanced nutrition, mental health, stress reduction and lifestyle changes.



Trusted and invited Nhi to talk shows with employees and management.


Can a conversation change your life?

Some impressions of activities and lessons.

Photos of corporate health talks, community activities,...

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