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Heal your health and complete your self

Revitalize your well-being and achieve self-fulfillment. Navigate your inner conflicts with compassion, and together, craft a strategic plan to transform your life. Embark on a journey towards holistic healing and personal completeness with our expert guidance. Your path to a healthier, happier you begins here.

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Wake up your inner teacher to unlock your potential!

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For the business

Short term and long term training program in corporates to boost employees physical health and mental health.

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For the community

Includes information on courses on mental health, holistic nutrition, and community yoga.

Nhi Coach

Suitable for those who want comprehensive health counseling, healing and personal one-on-one coaching.

Class COMMUNITY come

Class: “Body Cleansing Foundation“.
This is a community activity organized by Wings Academy and health coach Viet Nhi. CONTENT:
– The difference between Cleanse and Purify (Detox).
– How does the body cleanse itself?
– Body cleansing process
– The main methods of body cleansing
– Do’s and Don’ts of purging
– Frequency of body cleansing
– Light fee if you register in a group of 2 people: 400,000 VND / 2 people.
– Fee if you register 1 person: 350.000 VND


Wings Studio
Tầng trêt, tòa C2, Tropic Garden, Quận 2


- Saturday morning April 1
- From 9 - 11 o'clock

Inspirational speaker on wellbeing

With the belief that “everyone has the ability to live a healthy and peaceful life,” Viet Nhi, health coach and master therapy yoga, wants to inspire and share methods for changing eating habits, active birth and spiritual nutrition for many people.


Satisfied students

After participating in health coaching sessions with Nhi.


Health topics

Related to yoga, balanced diet, mental health, stress reduction and lifestyle changes.



trusted and invited Nhi to talk shows with employees and management.

12 aspects to take care of to live a happy life

When we change the way we live, the way we love ourselves, see through every corner of our inner self, and when each of us individually can recognize, love, neutralize, heal and grow, society becomes more peaceful and harmonious and full of peaceful energy.

1. Joy
Joy is joy. Create healthy joy by taking time for hobbies, deep breaks, and sharing joys and life experiences with others.
2. Social life
This is what social life means. You need sincere friends whom you trust and who are always ready to help when you need them.
3. Relationships
Good important relationships will make your life easier and happier. So build and cultivate them.
4. Home environment
Make your home full of positive energy, in harmony with nature, which will recover you when you return.
5. Home cooking
Cooking and eating at home helps you improve the quality of your meals, eat less and maintain your weight better.
6. Physical activities
Exercise regularly for vitality and energy. Yoga is a good choice for you.
7. Health
Comprehensive health protection includes physical and mental health and the maintenance of body energy at a stable and positive level.
8. Education
Continuously learning good and useful things in work, health and society will help you continuously develop your inner strength.
9. Career
Do what you love and love what you do, understand the value that work brings to the community.
10. Finance
Good financial management for peace of mind. You must also have a proper understanding of wealth and prosperity.
11. Creativity
Creativity creates new things in life to make you feel fresh and excited about life.
12. Spirituality
Have a healthy, inwardly focused spiritual life.
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"Discover your inner teacher,
All the great answers come from there."

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